Cactus Embroidery & Quilting Sample

Hello everyone! As you read this I will hopefully be having a whale of a time in Wales on a school biology trip.

I’ve been enjoying the Great British Sewing Bee recently which has made me want to do some more sewing, so I thought I’d do a quick post on a couple of samples that I have made.

The first is a simple cactus embroidery on a white cotton fabric, which I purchased from Fabric Land. I gained inspiration for this design from Pinterest and it uses a combination of straight stitch and french knots. I also created cactus flowers by embellishing with small pearlescent seed beads.







Another sample that I produced was this quilt sample, which used some of the scraps from my GCSE textiles project, as well as some of the beautiful fabrics that I bought in Portugal. It isn’t the neatest, but it was my first time using wadding so it came out better than expected. I also really like the combination of the blue and yellow fabrics.




Have you been sewing anything nice recently?

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Lottie x




10 thoughts on “Cactus Embroidery & Quilting Sample

  1. Allison says:

    Ooh, pretty! Your cactus embroidery is so neatly and beautifully done! I also like the fabric you chose for your quilt square.
    Nope, I haven’t done much sewing recently. :/ Actually I guess I sewed a dress for the doll I made, but it wasn’t very beauteous. XD

  2. OsagePrairie says:

    Love the cctus embroider. Love the addition of pearls. I am working on twin size quilts I designed for my 2 grandaughters. It was my first quilting project which was probably too much but it’s been fun. Hope to share pictures soon on the Osageprairie. Thanks for sharing your work!

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