Malteser Surprise Cupcakes

Hello everyone! It was my friend’s 17th birthday today, so I made some cakes to take into school for her. I actually bothered to take a few photos as I went along this time, to give you more of a step by step guide.

I used my favourite cupcake recipe (from an ancient/ partially destroyed kids cookery book):

125g caster sugar

125g softened butter

2 eggs

125g self-raising flour

2 tbsp milk

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

To make chocolate cupcakes, I substituted a little flour for cocoa powder. For the malteser ‘surprise’, I placed one whole malteser into the centre of each cupcake and covered them over with a bit more cake mixture.



Straight out of the oven! You can see the maltesers near the top on some of them.

For the icing, I first made a basic buttercream. I then poured a large bag of maltesers into a ziplock bag and crushed them with a rolling pin. After folding the malteser pieces into the buttercream, I used a hand whisk on high speed to make it more light and fluffy. I roughly piped the same amount of buttercream onto each cupcake, then used an offset spatula to smooth it out.


I took these pictures first thing this morning, so I had already put the cupcakes in my handy container to take to school.



I hope you like this post! What kind of things have you been up to recently? I really enjoy reading all your comments.

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Lottie x



17 thoughts on “Malteser Surprise Cupcakes

  1. Allison says:

    Mmmmm, my mouth is watering! Lately I’ve been polymer clay-ing, blogging, and reading. 😀 Right now I’m reading on The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey. Long title, I know. XD The Mysterious Benedict series is really good so far! Have you ever read it?

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