Lumiere London Festival

Bit of a different post for you today…

Yesterday evening I went to the Lumiere Festival in London. It is a series of light instillations across London and I was expecting it to be really cool as I had seen some amazing photos online. However, when we got there, lots of the instillations were closed to prevent overcrowding (which actually had the opposite effect as people just waited for them to switch on again!) and you couldn’t see much as there were so many people! Also, the fish tank in a telephone box had been boarded up with slabs of concrete which was pretty annoying as it is was the one thing I was looking forward to the most. Perhaps we should have gone earlier in the week?

We still got to see some pretty cool instillations across the city, so here are some photos I took of the evening! I had some issues with the camera at the beginning, but eventually managed to put it into night scene mode!


‘Brothers and Sisters’ by Ron Haseldon in Grosvenor Square





This wasn’t part of the festival but I thought that the lights were really pretty 🙂

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