Christmas Sugar Cookies

I have finally finished making these lovely Christmas sugar cookies! They taste and look great! I decided to use the same recipe as I used for my halloween cookies (check out the link if you haven’t already seen it!) which was created by Martha Stewart.


My mum bought me some gorgeous copper cookie cutters from Sainsbury’s. They are shaped like a reindeer and an angel.

I started off putting the cookies in a baking tray, but decided they might stick, so in the end I placed them on a sheet of baking parchment. I baked them for about 16 mins at 160°c. The mixture allowed me to make 8 snowflakes, 8 reindeer and 4 angels.

For the icing, I used Tate & Lyle royal icing sugar and mixed it with water until it reached the desired consistency. For the angels and the snowflakes, I created line consistency and flood consistency white icing, but for the reindeer I attempted SweetAmbs’ method of creating an ‘in-between’ consistency. I found that getting the right consistency was the most challenging thing about making the cookies. I used a tip 2 on the piping bag for the majority of the decorating process, but for the reindeer nose I used a tip 4.

The icing on the reindeer is chocolate royal icing. To make it, I added some cocoa powder mixed with water to the royal icing. For the red nose, I added some gel food colouring to achieve a vibrant colour.

Here are some pictures of the finished sugar cookies!







Have you ever tried making sugar cookies?

Hope you enjoyed this post! Happy Christmas!


28 thoughts on “Christmas Sugar Cookies

  1. Catherine says:

    Oh wow! The piping on those snowflake cookies is incredible, I am very impressed. I tried making sugar cookies a few weeks ago, they taste delicious don’t they? Although I’m sure mine weren’t half as yummy as yours!

  2. magnetically aesthetic says:

    Hi there, I wanted to stop by and thank you so much for checking out my blog 🙂 I wanted to return the favor and check out your blog as well. Your Christmas sugar cookies are adorable, and ridiculously detailed (the snowflake designs???! crazy good haha) and I look forward to seeing what else you post in the future!


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