Retro Coin Purse

For my summer holiday, I stayed in Tavira in Portugal. It is a beautiful town in the Algarve with cobbled streets and plenty of things to do and see.

During my visit, I found a small shop in the main high-street selling gorgeous handmade purses, bags and gifts in bright colours and bold patterns. There was a workshop at the back where you could see the owners making their lovely products. There was a wonderful array of embellishments, buttons and rolls of fabric and they were also selling strips of fabric for small projects.


Aren’t the colours fantastic?

For about 20 euros, I came away with about five large strips of retro patterned fabric, as well as some wadding and various purse frames. I attempted to pick up some of their instructions in Portuguese explaining how to make the purses, and returned to England with a new mission!

After watching numerous YouTube videos on drafting the pattern for a kiss-clasp purse this is what I finally came up with…



This purse has an adorable rose clasp which I think adds to the whole vintage appeal of the piece. In this image you can also see how I attached the fabric to the frame, backstitching using teal embroidery thread. This matches the greens and teals of the fabric.



For the lining, I used a plain yellow cotton fabric, which was actually left over from the children’s dress that I blogged about earlier in the week. I like the way the colour complements the busy pattern and picks up on the greens and yellows.

There are two types of purse frames that you can buy for making your own purses. One has metal grooves which requires you to use strong glue to attach the edges of the purse, and the other has holes that you can sew through to attach the fabric.



I bought a few different types of purse frames to experiment with different styles. I absolutely love the heart clasp! Which is your favourite?


I really like the look of these two fabrics together as they have the same colour scheme and have a vintage feel about them.

I hope to make some more purses using the other fabrics that I bought soon!

Have you ever tried making clasp purses and how did they turn out?



12 thoughts on “Retro Coin Purse

  1. Catherine says:

    This is spectacular! Beautiful colours and very professionally made. You are quite the expert Miss Mercer! And I love the new layout of your blog, you have really spiced it up.

  2. Allison says:

    Beautiful! It looks very well made and… beautiful! I think I might like the sew-through clasp like you used the best, because it seems like you could make sure to attach it well. The stitches also look really neat on the clasp!

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