Child’s Summer Dress

This is a throw back to the girl’s summer dress that I recently finished, based on the theme ‘All things bright and beautiful’. It is an A-line dress, fully lined, with an embellished collar and scalloped edge.
The dress also features decorative flower motifs, which are appliquéd onto the garment using free machining.

I used a commercial pattern to make the dress, but I drafted the collar and the scalloped hem. The hem was inspired by flower petals, which I think really reflects the theme of ‘All things bright and beautiful’.

To ensure a perfect fit on my model, I first produced a dipryl mock up so that I was able to take it in at the waist and make sure that the scalloped edge would meet up properly. This also helped in drafting the pattern for the collar.

I purchased the yellow and polka dot fabrics from John Lewis, and the white lining fabric from fabric land.


The dress has a Peter Pan style collar, which is highly embellished with various beads and sequins, following the yellow colour scheme. I have tried to achieve a gradient across the collar, with most of the embellishment concentrated at the centre of the dress and the rest of the beads dotted around the collar.


The design features three beautiful appliqué flowers that I have free machined onto the dress. The use of scraps of yellow and blue patterned fabric has created a fun and childish feel to the garment. I have also sewn on a few pearly seed beads to the centre of each flower.


This is an image of the finished garment. I really like how it turned out because the overall look is pretty neat and it reflects the summer theme well.


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