Halloween Cookies

I have been wanting to make some flooded sugar cookies for a while now, so to celebrate halloween I finally got round to making some!
I used Martha Stewart’s recipe and it has produced really yummy cookies, which are soft and have a wonderful vanilla taste.

To cut the shapes of the cookies, I used some cookie cutters in halloween shapes. However, I did not have a round cutter, so I used a wine glass for the eyeballs which worked just as well.

Once the cookies cooled, I mixed some line and flood royal icing and coloured it using the Dr Oetker gel food colouring. I really need to invest in some good new food colouring as I had to use a whole tube to get the black icing for the cats intense enough. If you have any suggestions for good gel food colouring, please comment below!


For the spooky cat cookies, I just piped a line of black royal icing, line consistency, around the edge of the cat using a small piping tip. Then I flooded it with flood consistency royal icing and placed it in the oven at 50°C for 30 minutes to dry. I then piped the eyes using green, line consistency icing.


For the ghost cookies, I piped a line of white line icing around the edge of the cookie. Then I flooded it using white flood consistency icing and before it started to dry, I used black flood icing to create the scary eyes and mouth.


I piped two circles of white line constistency icing around the edge, then a blob of black flood icing in the centre to add a 3D effect. I then flooded the white area and the green area. I left it to dry for a while and then piped blood vessels using red line consistency icing.




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