Fortune Teller Printout

This is a fortune teller game printout for kids.  Cut out the Fortune teller around the edge. Write fortunes on each of the lilac triangles and a small number on each of the pale blue triangles. Start folding with the white side up. Fold the paper in half and in half again then unfold it. Now fold the pink, green, blue and purple corners into the middle. Turn the square over. Fold the tips of the square into the centre. Fold the fortune teller in half so you can see the coloured squares on both sides. Put your thumb and forefinger into the pink and blue flaps. Put the thumb and forefinger of your other hand into the purple and green flaps.

Say: ”Pick a colour.” They pick a colour and you spell it out with the fortune teller. Then you say ”Pick a number, any number” If they picked 11 you move the fortune teller 11 times. When you get to the final move you say ” Pick another number” Now open the flap and choose the fortune beneath it and read it to them.

Download Template: Fortune Teller Printout


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